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I have just re-joined the club, after many years of absence. I was in the club very shortly after it was started, but time was short and the ‘RD’ just languished in the garage. I took it out a few times, twice to the classic bike racing at Chimay, and I think I took it to the club track days at Cadwell a couple of times, but it started to develop a tendency to pour the contents of the fuel tank out of the overflows. I took the carbs off to be ultrasonically cleaned, and they never made it back on.

However, re-joining the club is the first step in getting the bike back on the road for the summer. I doubt there’s much major wrong with it, but suspect that as, even when I was using it, the clutch plates were sticking, so getting it into gear might be “entertaining”. I have a split in the welding under one of the silencers (probably due to internal rust), but we shall see.

I’m quite happy to “get stuck in”, having rebuilt the engine in my 1,300 mile RD500 (it had lived its life in a private collection in Italy – to the detriment of every single rubber seal).

I bought the CB perhaps 20-odd years ago, and it had 1,700 miles on the clock. I doubt it has significantly more now – probably a few thousand, so my main problems are going to be seals, and stuff being “stuck”. Possibly a little rust, but hopefully not a major rebuild.

I’ll probably try and “lurk” on the forum a bit , trying to find answers to the questions which have no doubt been asked before, but if I get really stuck I shall ask.