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Trevor Hughes

@JohnS 3038 wrote:

Hi All, Just like to introduce myself as a new member of the club, John S

I live on a lovely Island off the coast of Queensland, Australia, about 60klm north of Brisbane.
Have been an admirer of these beautiful bikes since seeing them in the showroom of my local dealership. owned an RC long ago and had to sell it due to finances and regretted it ever since. However I corrected that foolish act about 8 months ago and purchased a slightly neglected RD, that is road registered.
As seen in the attached pic, a previous owner has put a Castrol decal on it, which I think is a good touch. It also has an RB engine in it, rather than the original RD. It was originally a German delivery so if any member recognises it I would be very interested.
Thanks for reading and look forward to be part of the community.


Hi John
Welcome to the club. Looks like a very tidy bike you’ve found there. Coincidently one of our German members was at our international meeting on the Isle of Man this year on his RB fitted with an RD engine.

Ride safe and enjoy that good weather.