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Thank you all for the warm welcome.
In 1982 I was a spotty 16 year old looking for my first moped, and Honda advertised the bike I got (MB50) with an RC in the background, I wanted one from that moment on, and finally I’m in a position to get one.
I asked around earlier this year for an excellent original or restored properly bike, there were a couple of silly priced ones at dealers in the UK, but then Wout messaged me he had an RC he’d restored a couple of years ago, I’ve dealt with him for a few years now for F parts and know of his reputation with the R’s, so had no hesitation in doing the deal. It looks to be exactly what I’m after in the pics, and Wout has organised and fitted a replica 4 > 2 exhaust for me too.
So as soon as I get it registered in the UK I should be ready to find out why all the road testers raved about these bikes back in the 80’s.
It’s taken me a while to organise getting out there to collect it, but tomorrow I’ll be on my way. I’m feeling a bit like a kid waiting for Christmas day now…