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    Hi Lex,

    That’s the correct part number for the 1100R crank. I don’t think the 1100F was the same (someone here will confirm) , but regardless this is the one you need
    and I think you may well have difficulty finding a replacement so you may have to look at the possibility of repairing the one you have if that’s at all possible.


    Just browsing through a few old posts and I thought I would add these

    I have had 2 euro spec cb1100f’s and they both had single snorkel airboxs on

    I also bought a US spec 1100f rolling chassis a few years ago and that had a twin snorkel airbox on it, also recently bought a twin snorkel 1100f airbox from DK Motorcycles that was from a US import they broke

    The 1100f engine also uses the MA3 Conrods, Front MA3 Camchain Guide, and shares the MG5 upper camchain tensioner, the cylinder block looks the same but has a different part number, maybe running different piston clearance?


Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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