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    here are a couple of pics.[ATTACH=CONFIG]1939[/ATTACH]


    Hi Chris. Nice bike. I’m sure you’ll love it.

    Glenn Kirkham

    Hi Chris, we’re not having a stand at the April show but one or two members may well attend to have a look around. April is mainly British bikes and October having mainly Japanese stuff.
    Post on here or the club Facebook page when you plan to be there..?
    Cheers.. Glenn


    Dear friends,

    this is my first e.mail posted on the group.

    Let’s introduce my self I did not do it before.

    Dear friends
    my name is Danilo I live in Italy in the lovely Tuscany. I am an happy owner of a CB 1100 R SC08 1984 frame M 003604CS21 under a deep restoration, the bike I have purchase was not in a bad condition but just at first look I fell in love with her.

    I am owner of other very nice vintage and new bikeS but her story make me mad, she is actually under detailed paint job but I do not where I can buy genuine spare parts.

    Does anybody can help me? I would be grateful for all helps may arrive to me.

    I am sure I cannot be part of the group at the International Meeting in Holland this year but I want absolutely be ready for the next year meeting.

    Thank you

    Glenn Kirkham

    Hi Danilo, welcome to the club. Lovely part of the world Tuscany. CB1100R parts are always going to be difficult to source because of the low numbers made.
    The new classified section on the website now has a ‘Wanted’ section that you can use to post details of any parts you may need?
    Do try and make it to the meeting in Holland. 1100R Owners are a friendly.lot and you never know what a parts a face to face meeting will unlock..🙂



    Hello everyone, I am new here and would like to introduce myself briefly. My name is Andreas, I am 58 years old and live near the Dutch border in Wesel.
    I bought an RC 2 weeks ago. Seems to be all original, a few cosmetic works and she will look top again. Originally from Switzerland. Seems to have been standing for many years and was brought to running order by the seller through a Honda workshop. Complete inspection, carburetor cleaned, brakes new, etc.
    My first ride was unfortunately over after about 50km. The bike was no longer running on all cylinders. So I had it picked up and had a look in my garage, the spark plug picture didn’t look so good on two cylinders. Endoscoped the combustion chambers, no findings. Cleaned the spark plugs and started the engine, everything normal!? Also the spark plug image after this short garage run. My impression is that cylinders 2/3 don’t get as hot as 1/4, but that was just a test with my hand. Autsch 😩 Maybe someone can give me a tip.
    If I have enough confidence in my Honda by 20 May, I will hopefully be at the meeting.

    Best regards

    Glenn Kirkham

    Hi Andreas, I hope that will come to the International Meeting in May – never may we see so many CB1100Rs together again ..?
    To your bike – could be a few things, first I might suggest set of new plugs – there are many copies about so by from a reputable source (not eBay).
    next drain the tank and ensure you have fresh fuel – I run my bikes on ethanol free fuel – Ethanol is known to give issues when left standing.
    Last you may want to swap the spark units over if problems persist on two cylinders and see if the problem moves with the spark units.
    I look forward to meeting you in May.. wouts says we may not have enough people to drink all the beer he’s bought.

    Mario Rovira

    Hello Nigel, well it all started about a year ago when my good friend Adam Tromp, owner of Iconic Motorbikes here in California told me he was importing 5 CB1100r’s from South Africa. I told him i wanted one so he said I could have the pick of the litter. When they arrived, I picked mine. They are all riders, no garage queens. I just need to give it an oil change , brake bleed and a good carb cleaning. The 1100 fired right up. I gave it a good wash and cleaned everything. I have been riding my R any chance I get. Such a smooth ride and plenty of power. I just got back from a 300-mile ride with some friends and I can tell you it was a very comfortable ride.

    Fast forward 6 months and Adam still has 4 1100’s siting in his shop. All in need of carb work, some electrical and a basic cleaning and light restore. I could see he just didn’t have time to work on them so I made him an offer on all 4 and he took the offer. All I can say is I got a killer deal on the 4 1100’s. They all need work but all the bodywork, carbs and items needed to get them on the road are there. I have plenty of work in front of me but all 4 will be back on the road and I will sell them through the Iconicmotorbikes auction site. All will be nice daily riders, no garage queens. They have miles on them and have been sitting for some time. As you can see in the pictures, they impressive looking bikes. I do not have stock exhaust which is a shame but all have Cowley 4 into 1 exhaust. I have all the tank, seats and lower for all bikes.

    I will keep the group posted on my progress … Can’t wait to get the first one on the road.


    Hi Everyone. I am new here and thought i should introduce myself as well. My name is Ashley Baker and I am from South Africa. However I moved to Switzerland just over 5 years ago. While that is an insane story (one of many!) What happened to me 2 weeks ago is definitely up there among the best. So i currently own an 2001 Honda SP1, which I have kept in order for 3 years now. I took it to my local workshop for a service and valve checks etc. Upon arriving to pick it up the workshop manager tells me to go and get my bike in the basement. And he mentions to me ‘Oh you might like the old timer parked down there’

    Now.before i continue I am 35 years old. potentially one of the younger members here. My first experiences with bikes in Cape Town was attending the local rallies which were packed with 70s and 80s bikes. Some aunts and uncles were also part of a motorcycle club so I was regularly exposed to these bikes and many of the members had Honda CBs. I always liked the look of them and knew that I would most like own one at some point.

    As it turned out I was lucky enough to have an uncle who taught me the basics on his VF1000R. He then found a really rough CB1100R which I then tried to keep running but in the end it was rusted beyond salvation and I then took it apart and sold it off piece by piece. However after that experience I just knew that I needed to have one of those one day. That was 2005….

    Back to the Basement. The old timer turns out to be a pretty neat, albeit a bit neglected, 1982 CB1100R and immediately I start having flashbacks. I Knew I had to have this bike lol as this was the top of the pile as far as CBs were concerned, so some discussions and one gentlemans agreement later here I am on the forum. The mechanic is currently getting the bike ready for me to test ride and we will make a list of what is required, and then the final price will be discussed. But for now i am just happy to finally be a part of the club. I never thought that I would be here but it feels good…

    As you guys are seasoned vets on this bike is there anything that I shouls look out for? Any advice? beginner CB1100R Tips etc. Any advise willl be greatly appreciated.

    Oh and most annoyingly I will be busy that weekend in June with work so I will not be able to join. A bit gutted but up until yesterday i did not even know that I will have the bike lol.

    I will send images once we make more progress.

    Regards Everyone

    Peter Hunt

    Welcome, and great story. It was meant to be.
    South Australia

    Glenn Kirkham

    Hi Ashley and welcome to the group. There is lots of information here and there is a link to the chatter on the club Facebook page too – you do not need to be on Facebook to follow it.
    Just click the tab Facebook Latest under the News tab. I look forward to following your progress.. 🙂


    Hello everyone, i recently purchased a CB1100RB project that has been off the road some 21 years as part of a collection, it looks more barn stored than prestine, it needs a complete repaint & the black foam base seat & fairing mounts to complete! I do have a CB1100RB replica tank & seat in non standard colours & CB900F2D fairing i was going to to use on one of my CB900F’s to restomod !

    I’ve also owned a CB900FA 1982-1987, plus CB900FB & CB750FB in 90’s & used to run my CB900FA with RSC1123C5 kitted motor & CB1100RC fairing, before moving onto more modern stuff for work & touring duties 🙂

    So I am now very happy to be playing with Twin Cam Hondas again (since lockdown) I have CB900FZ, CB900FA & USA 82 CB900F Supersport & am now delighted i finally have a CB1100RB to recommission & play with.

    Any reccommendations for source of seats or CB1100RB paintwork specialists in UK (North) would be welcome !

    Best regards, Neil.

    Peter Hunt

    Welcome Neil, a true Honda man!
    Good luck with the B.
    Peter (south oz).

    Tom Noble

    Hi, my first post on the forum with a few words of introduction.
    I live in the North East, UK & the owner of an RC & RD.
    I bought the RD in 1988 with just under 22,000 miles on the clock but unfortunately riding the 240 miles home finding a lack of top end power… that’s another story.

    Formerly a club member for a number of years until 2000 when my membership lapsed as a result of redundancy followed by the decision to work overseas.
    Returning to the UK my daily ride became a Fireblade, the RD remaining under wraps.

    I’ve only recently bought the RC as a 7,700 mile basket case where the previous owner has made a reasonable effort keeping most parts together but not so much the storage preparation of the brakes which has resulted in piston seizure throughout.

    I’m rebuilding the RC ‘as is’ the aim being to first off reduce the amount of space she’s taking up when in boxes of bits, also making a shortage list of parts, damage, etc. as I go along.

    From members experience who are the preferred go to suppliers of replacement brake seal kits & pads for all the calipers & both master cylinders?

    Hopefully I’ll get to meet other club members in person soon.


    Glenn Kirkham

    Hi Tom and welcome back. Hope to be able to meet up some time..
    Cheers.. Glenn

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