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    Steve Doyle

    Due to a mate pulling out I have a Spare Ferry Booking.

    The Booking is for a Motorcycle & Rider.

    Liverpool – Douglas: Seacat Friday 22-08-2014 Sailing 20:00 Arrival 22:45
    Douglas – Liverpool: Seacat Friday 29-08-2014 Sailing 23:59 Arrival 02:44

    I’m just looking to cover cost of the booking – £220-00. Also selling through Fleabay. If anyone is interested PM me.
    Cheers Steve


    Glenn Kirkham

    Parade Lap – stop Press..!!
    We may still be able to get some bikes into one of the Parade laps scheduled for Manx GP week – I’ve ridden these about three times now and it still takes a day to get the smile off my face when I think about it..!! Still awaiting details but I’m being asked for likely numbers – cost will be circa £200 for an experience that money just can’t buy.

    Any takers…? :-)

    Glenn Kirkham

    Don’t hang about chaps – when they come back to me we’ll have to move fast to secure the places..

    KR Glenn

    Trevor Hughes

    Hi All

    I am posting this message on behalf of Alex Harris. Unfortunately Alex is now unable to attend our international meeting on the IOM at the Classic TT. He has the follow tickets for sale.

    I believe the sailing is from Heysham on Friday 22nd August around 10.30am and Returning on Friday 29th Aug afternoon sailing into Liverpool.

    Please contact AlexH through the forum or alex@nexusincentives.com

    Trevor Hughes

    @GlennK 2867 wrote:

    Don’t hang about chaps – when they come back to me we’ll have to move fast to secure the places..

    KR Glenn

    Glenn. If there is the chance of a lap on closed roads please count me in.

    Steve Doyle

    Thank you Glenn, Trev, Andy & Steve G for their hard work organising an enjoyable week. The marque was well displayed on the Island, with many comments from people, they were certainly noticed. Well done to Steve B for his Lap of Honour, good to see the bike where it was intended. Roll on Sweden – hopefully we can have more Brits attending.

    Glenn Kirkham

    Hi Steve – got back Sunday morning at about 00:30 hrs. – tired but still buzzing after such a great week. I now have another RB in my garage collection too at the moment.. :-)

    Roll on 2016 :-) for another great time with some more ‘R’ genuine enthusiasts.

    I’ve also found a rider who’s keen to race an ‘R’ in the Classic TT F1 class next year – now there’s a nice thought.. :)

    Cheers to all and many thanks to the UK Club committee and visiting clubs and members for all their commitment and enthusiasm to make this a really great event..


    Trevor Hughes

    I managed to get home about 18:30 Saturday and it stayed dry. Had a small issue with Andy’s luggage on the M6 but kept it to the hard shoulder.

    We had a great meeting and all the feedback has been positive. There appear to be many sightings of us from all around the Island on FB, so we got noticed.

    Steve D is now the owner of an original R (the red and white one) still not as old as mine but getting there.

    Good planning, good teamwork and a successful meeting. Well done to all involved with a special thanks to Glenn who kept us all in line.



    Awful quiet over here this week !!!
    Glad you all enjoyed your time on this lovely Island and your time on the best race track in the world to quote Milky
    Was at the sea terminal on Sun morning-think I may have seen the last of the 1100Rs depart-solitary Swiss bike I think


    Te Dutch 6 in the Chrysler are save at home with the 3 R,s.
    We all like to say THANKS for everything you guys did for us.
    The week was perfect and we are all Isle of Man lovers now.
    A great place to be with good friends.
    Hope to meet you all again in Sweden or may be Norway.

    Warm regards from the Netherlands.

    Glenn Kirkham

    Well after nearly two years in the planning and execution – what a brilliant week the Classic TT/MGP trip turned out to be. Nearly 50 bikes and circa 75 friends from all over Europe and from Australia, arrived, rode safe and all left the Island in one piece. The company was great and the atmosphere brilliant. Seeing so many old friends from previous events makes it feel more like a family reunion than a bike meeting!! Same faces – just a little older and greyer!!

    A great night in the Barovian Hall listening to Milky Quayle, Ray Knight, Dick Hodge & Nick Jefferies – and some awards (that money just can’t buy) that made folk laugh out loud!!

    All in all – just a cracking week..!!

    And – Well done to Sweden for stepping up to organise the 2016 event.

    Trevor Hughes

    On the final evening of the International meeting on the Isle of Man the club held a raffle for prizes donated by our guests speakers Dick Hodge, Milky Qualle, Nick Jefferies and Ray Knight. All profits were donated to the Joey Dunlop Foundation with the help of Frankie Chilli.


Viewing 12 posts - 61 through 72 (of 72 total)
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